Prologue – Kids Will Be Kids

Kerrith glowed brightly as ze finally slipped through the tight squeeze, widening it slightly in the process. “We’re here!” ze cried out.

As ze ran headlong, a second child fell through the breach and followed the first for a short distance before slowing to a halt.

It was the strangest sight.

“Are you alright, Marketh?” the first child asked the second, but the second was so stunned by what was before zim that ze could not respond.

The blue sky had turned pitch black. A dark orb had appeared before zis eyes, as did a very large number of creatures around him. At first, many microscopic fauna and lots of low-lying fungi sprouted seemingly from thin air. Then, larger and louder creatures appeared, clicking and hooting about in the darkness. Slimy critters appeared both in and around the water bodies. The creatures got bigger and nastier until the scene slowed down more and more until it was manageable for the Aeuth child to comprehend the going-ons of zis surroundings. Marketh dimmed at the dark, brutal sight thrusted upon zis beacon.

“Kerrith, are you seeing all of this?” Marketh asked.

“Yes, Marketh,” Kerrith replied. “How… odd.”

Marketh shone back at the breach with concern as they waited patiently for their two friends to emerge. Marketh and Kerrith both proceeded back towards the breach cautiously, their lower limbs reflecting off of the rocks or roots laying along the ground as they hovered over it. A glowing limb sprouted out from the breach, and Marketh recognized it as Rickarth’s.

“Hold on, Rickarth,” Marketh said as ze grabbed a hold of the limb and pulled. Rickarth popped out of a large knot of a large tree.

Rickarth turned around and called out into the breach.

“You okay in there, Goroth?” Rickarth flickered.

There was no reply. The three Aeuthian children exhanged flickers of worry.

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